Applied Composition, Lessons, Seminar

This is the landing page for Dr. Scott Watson's courses in Composition:

Moravian College Composition Seminar Course Syllabus

University of Valley Forge Applied Composition Syllabus

The document below, "Narrative Approach to Music Composition," will be our primary "text."

PRE-COURSE SURVEY - Tell me a little about you and your background as a composer!

COURSE RESOURCES - Various media associated with listening and analysis activites.

Narrative Approach to Music Composition

ANALYTICAL LISTENING (observing the compositional devices used in the craft of a work) is an important part of learning to compose. The listing below offers suggestions of well-crafted music of lasting worth.

  • When Copying Is Good - Podcast episode that makes the case for turning the mundane into the being observant!
Music Listening Core Repertoire

The Power of More - Essay on the topic of quality vs. quantity in a composer's output.