Lessons, Sectionals

watsonband.wikispaces MUSIC TO DOWNLOAD (includes Warm Ups)

Woodwind Mouthpiece Pitches (See graphic below. NOTE: Flute head joint open pitch is really more of an Ab!)

Woodwind Mouthpiece Upgrades (recommended by Dave Orehowsky)

Pneumo Pro Flute Training Device - Have that beginner who can't aim his/her air stream over the mouthpiece correctly to get a sound? This can help.

HingeStix - Vic Firth specialized sticks to teach fulcrum grip.

SmartMusic Example: "Skip to My Lou" (Sound Innovations, Alfred Publishing) with SmartMusic

SmartMusic - The program, which runs all the major method books, coupled with an interactive whiteboard, offers directors and their students so much for lessons and sectionals!


Sound Innovation: DVD Example, Flute. SI "Sample Page."

Staff Wars 2 Game - Video of the game in action. It's "note accuracy meets 1980's video game, Space Invaders"! Download the game from The Music Interactive.

Music to Download - Warmups, extra song sheets, more.

Instrument Care Videos (YouTube) - I made these myself for use by my students, but there are many more on YouTube.

Flash Cards - First five notes learned on start up instruments.

Amazing Slow Downer - Quick way to change speed of audio files (without changing pitch), set practice loops.

Easy Disney Favorites - My favorite year one "fun" solo book. Great for challenging beginners during the year and over the summer.

Instrument Pedagogy Tips - In addition to the tips in our course workbook, these are offered by course participants.

Essential Elements (Hal Leonard)

Neglected Instruments Video