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This practical one-week clinic includes information and techniques of vital importance to music educators looking to build and/or maintain their beginning through intermediate band programs. Topics covered include leading effective small group lessons and large ensemble rehearsals; evaluating, choosing, and using band methods; selecting repertoire and concert planning; recruitment, retention, and switching instruments; differentiating instruction and assessment; managing student records and inventory; advocacy, funding and budgets; and employing helpful technology.


1) Complete a “Program Profile” (click HERE for details) - This is the "pre-course activity" for the University of the Arts class.

2) Bring a primary AND a secondary instrument for our Reading Session.

3) Bring a favorite concert band selection of your choice (score/parts; anything written at the Grade .5 through 2.5 level). WHAT IS A "FAVORITE" PIECE? The ideal piece would be one that you appreciate so much for its effective and interesting writing that it’s likely you will program it (or already have programmed it) again (and again). The type of pieces I’d like to see brought to class are ones you might put on a “best young band pieces” list that others in the class would likely want to program themselves. Imagine you are in your 35th year of teaching and are presenting one last concert: which favorite pieces do you program? Bring one of those. I refer to these selections as "rotation pieces" since I perform them every so many years.