An Evening of Short Films

with Original Music

7:00 pm, Wed., Jan. 9, 2019 in the Parkland High School Auditorium

Students in the Parkland High School MUSIC PRODUCTION class have been working on using music and sound to help tell stories. Each student was assigned a short film to score.

To create the music and sound effects for their films, students use technology including: multi-track digital audio and MIDI recording and editing software (shown to the left), microphones and audio interfaces, virtual (software) instruments, digital signal processing effects, music notation software, video editing software and more!

The results can be enjoyed at our event, "SIGHT & SOUND: An Evening of Short Films and Original Music." With films from the silent era to the present, including comedies and dramas, there is something for everyone. Admission is FREE. A "meet and greet" reception in the auditorium lobby will follow (compliments of the PHS Music Boosters).

Sample Scene, "The First Seven Years"

Music by PHS student, Michael M

Sample Scene, "The Miracle"

Music by PHS student, Eli B