SI Online

You'll find information on this page for using two wonderful PRACTICE TOOLS:

SMARTMUSIC - SmartMusic is a web-based practice tool that we use in school lessons each week. The app displays music on the screen of a student's computer, laptop, Chromebook, iPad or mobile phone while student play along! A moving cursor helps students track as they perform, and gives students feedback about their performance. SmartMusic comes with a built-in tuner, metronome, and audio recorder, too! IT'S A GREAT AID FOR HOME PRACTICE...and it's FREE!!!

Students can use SmartMusic with our lesson book, Sound Innovations, Book 1, for FREE !

Go to and set up a FREE student account for your child. Then, after logging in to SmartMusic, look for the link to the Sound Innovations for Band Book 1.

SOUND INNOVATIONS ONLINE (SIONLINE) contains some helpful video tutorials and recordings for all the songs in our Sound Innovations lesson book.

To access, go to: and enter the 5-digit product code for the specific book, as shown below...