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Click the links below to download free PDF* instrumental music resources!

*NOTE: All free PDF music is stored on Google Drive. Share settings have been configured so that ANYONE can VIEW and download. If YOUR school's Google account has restrictions that prohibit you from accessing "outside" PDFs, you will need to contact YOUR Google account administrator for permission. Unfortunately there is nothing more I can do to help and no setting I can change to allow access.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (for ALL Band Instruments)

Maybe you have a family member or friend celebrating a birthday soon? Download the sheet music and use the play-along track posted here to help celebrate! Why not serenade that special birthday someone in-person, by phone, or via video conference (i.e. Skype, Zoom, Meet, FaceTime)?

A Spooky Melody

Here's a fun, musical Halloween TREAT...a SPOOKY MELODY to play and a fun PLAY-ALONG TRACK! Download the PDF sheet music (all band instruments on the same page) and MP3 track just below:

Holiday Duets for Band

Flexible instrumentation Christmas and Hanukkah solos and/or duets, with piano accompaniment or play-along track. Works with any combination of band instruments. Download FREE PDF sheet music and MP3 play-along accompaniment track below:

Dr. Watson's Favorite Songs in Sound Innovations (Book 1)

In this "virtual band lesson," Dr. Watson shares - and teaches - his favorite songs from the Sound Innovations (Book 1) band lesson book.

Introduction to Note Reading

Half Notes, Half Rests

& Repeat Sign

Quarter Notes & Rests

What Is a Scale?

Slurs and Ties

Learning Our 6th Note

Learning Our 7th Note

Intro to 8th Notes

Playing in ¾ Time

Amazing Grace Trio

This 3-part arrangement works for any band instrument, as a solo (Part 1), Duet (Part 1 & 2), or Trio (Parts 1, 2 & 3). There is a score, which includes all 3 instruments parts and the piano accompaniment, and separate parts. The piano track may be used as accompaniment if a live player is not available.


C INSTRUMENTS (TC) - Flute, Oboe, Bells. • Bb INSTRUMENTS - Clarinet, Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Baritone TC. • Eb INSTRUMENTS - Alto Sax, Bari. Sax. • FRENCH HORNC INSTRUMENTS (BC) - Trombone, Baritone, Bassoon. • TUBAPIANO PLAY-ALONG TRACK

Using a Fingering Chart

There's a WONDERFUL resource in the back of your lesson book that can help you learn new notes. What is it? A FINGERING (or Slide Position) CHART! Dr. Watson shares how to use a fingering chart, and other factors that help you play new notes accurately.


Scales (Major)

Elementary Band Warmups - 2-Pages of sequentially more demanding warmups geared towards 1st and 2nd year players, all in concert Bb.

Best-Loved Songs - Songs kids love to play, often NOT in their lesson books :)

Holiday Melodies - A collection of fun tunes for the winter/holiday season.

BAND BINGO! - Google Doc Template for creating a customized Band Bingo card of your own.